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Detection of Errors and Correction
in Corpus Annotation

Software and Resources

related software:

software available for download:

decca-0.3.tar.gz 10/18/2010:
  • added dependency error detection
(10/25/2010: updated dependency error detection component to fix a bug and include a missing module)
Decca-XML 11/15/2007:
  • initial release of conversion tools to convert CoNLL-X shared task tabular format and Malt-XML to Decca-XML
decca-0.2.tar.gz 11/02/2006:
  • added XHTML output for syntactic annotation analysis components
  • major bug fix for discontinuous syntactic annotation output
(03/16/2007: minor documentation update)
decca-0.1.tar.gz 10/02/2006:
  • an initial release of our code for analyzing part-of-speech tags (EACL 2003), syntax trees (TLT 2003), and syntactic annotation with discontinuous constituents (ACL 2005)
(10/18/2006: minor bug fix update)

We welcome all feedback at

We would also appreciate it if you would let us know if you if you are using our software. You can let us know by email or by using the form below. We are interested in hearing about your results with other corpora or any new applications you find for this type of error analysis.

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